Frequently Asked Questions

Can the pony come to our local park or village hall?

You will have to contact your local council or local organiser to check.

Are your ponies well behaved?

Yes. All of our ponies are very well behaved!

Is it safe to ride the ponies?

Our party ponies are very safe and your child will wear a safety helmet and be lead by an experienced handler. Young children will need an adult to walk alongside with them.

What age group is a Pony Party suitable for?

The Ponies can come to a party with people of any age, however, for the children to ride the Ponies, a suitable age of up to 10 is acceptable.

How many children per party?

Up to 15, but please do get in contact if this doesn't meet your requirements.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Parties can be booked at any time, however the further in advance you book the more likely it is that you will get the date you require. Dates are only confirmed once a deposit has been paid.

Can the pony come inside?

The pony can come inside if you would like, this is however at your own risk as any breakages or 'presents' left cannot be controlled!

What kind of access do you need to my garden?

Your garden will need a side gate with a clear pathway, ponies can go up or down one or two steps and widely spaced ones but the fewer the better!
Sometimes the Ponies do walk through the house to access the garden. If you are concerned about your access please do not hesitate to call us to discuss this.

At my Pony Party:What sort of place will be good to have my pony party?

A large backyard is the best place or driveway will do. If there is a park or a nice grassy place nearby then that will be nicer for the ponies to walk on.

Can I hire Pony Parties for our school fete or community event?

Yes. We are more than happy to come to your school or any other event that you might hold. If you have any doubts then please contact me.

Do you have any tips for how to make our party a good one?

Yes, it is a good idea to give the children numbers so they know when it's their turn to ride, tell us the theme to your party and we theme the pony the same.

Are you insured against accidents?

Yes! we operate with full Public Liability Insurance.